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Why Nicaragua is ready to re-elect Daniel Ortega ~ Nicaraguan Leader Elicits Disgust and Support, Often From the Same People There was a non-violent riot in the middle of Boaco and some friendly tire burning and stick~n~stone throwing in Managua yesterday, but otherwise the “people” are out voting today. I am reposed in study ~ Global Environmental Change. Looks … Continue reading

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The Saddler, Sandinista Window Maker, Crippled Trash Collector and other nice people…

I don’t get out enough. I know I should, but I have many excuses. But when I do, I have a quick smile for my neighbors. I am continually amazed at what the world has to offer. And the tolerance I see demonstrated … Continue reading

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Ecological Architecture–There are houses built in trees and then there are treehouses.

The Fab Tree Hab — a home literally made from trees, using an ancient technique called pleaching (the art of weaving (and sometimes grafting) trees together to form structures)

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World court rules on Nicaragua-Costa Rica dispute

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Why Nicaragua and Costa Rica are in a tense standoff over a remote swamp?

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From Silicon Valley to Saddle Makers

I grew up in Silicon Valley (California) and I just discovered I have a neighbor who is a saddlemaker (Nicaragua). These two worlds are such a collision of reality.

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I know a man…

I know a man who has a degree in Economics and works for the municipality 45 hours a week. Salary: usd$200- per month. This is not great money in Nicaragua, but typical and one can survive… barely (with help from family … Continue reading

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Compare and Contrast the 2011 Egyptian with 1979 Nicaraguan Revolutions!

Compare = Both ruled by dark haired, smiling dictators supported by the U.S.     Contrast = 1–No Internet-Wikileaks in 1979, 2–No Russia-China/U.S. conflict in 2011 to confuse, confound and camoflage the point that little people don’t care … Continue reading

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U.S. knowledge of drug trafficking and the Contras

Col. North’s handwritten notebooks and memoranda sent to North show that North and other U.S. officials were repeatedly informed that Contras ties to trafficking of drugs from Latin America into the United States and that airplanes from the U.S. used … Continue reading

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Chomsky v. Bennett–CNN Debate on “Terrorism”

BENNETT: …why do you choose to live in this terrorist nation, Mr. Chomsky? CHOMSKY: I don’t. I choose to live in what I think is the greatest country in the world, which is committing horrendous terrorist acts and should stop. … Continue reading

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