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Fukushima Tzunami   Advertisements

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Thomas Malthus argued that excess population growth is the ultimate cause of many of our social and environmental problems. Do you agree?

Yes, I do agree that even if we solve every other environmental problem, we remain doomed with the exponential growth of the human population. We are already outstripping the sustainable yield of our resources, and we have billions more people … Continue reading

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Why Nicaragua is ready to re-elect Daniel Ortega ~ Nicaraguan Leader Elicits Disgust and Support, Often From the Same People There was a non-violent riot in the middle of Boaco and some friendly tire burning and stick~n~stone throwing in Managua yesterday, but otherwise the “people” are out voting today. I am reposed in study ~ Global Environmental Change. Looks … Continue reading

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al jazeera’s Empire ~ A series

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Slavoj Zizek: ‘Now the field is open’… “The system has lost it’s self evident legitimacy”… “We certainly are entering interesting times”…

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Do the Math on Over-Population, Resources, etc. Why Bother? This Professor already has…  

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The 95 thesis of Martin Luther ~ Duh… Protestantism!

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$10 per nite per person ~ Walk to Waves, Restaurants & Bars

$10 per nite per person ~ Walk to Waves, Restaurants & Bars

Stay a few days, or a few weeks in kick-back Playa Grande, Costa Rica ~ by Tamarindo.

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Bradley Manning ~ A hero?

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Global Meltdown

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